Alone or with friends I produce "handcrafted" music in my small home studio based on free software and rough hardware. I play (not too well) the guitar, the keyboards and sometimes I even sing, but I'm much more comfortable with songwriting and electronic music production.

At the moment I'm producing as [name] Delusional Party with Luca Speroni and several contributors. In this page you can also find the Goodbye Reagan, the Yue and my solo works.

I'm a supporter of the free circulation of digital information and of free licenses such as those by Creative Commons. All the music I ever produced or took part in is freely available for streaming, download and remix according to CC Attribution-ShareAlike licenses.

WARNING: I'm aware that I have quite a strong italian accent when speaking and singing in English, and the same can be said for other singers who are represented here. I decided not to care after hearing this, I hope you still enjoy the music!

[name] Delusional Party

[name] Delusional Party are me and Luca Speroni, so far with the contribution of Alice Borciani (voice), Saverio Migliari (voice), Salvatore Caporale (guitar).

[name] Delusional Party on Soundcloud (free download)
Here are our latest releases:

Goodbye Reagan

Total discomfort, with Luca Speroni (bass guitar), Giulia Pedroni (voice), Claudio Benassi (guitar), Luca Piccinini (guitar, various), Chiara Cocconcelli (keyboards).

Goodbye Reagan on Soundcloud (free download)
Goodbye Reagan on Jamendo (free download)
Here is some of our stuff!


Free electronic music and live vjing, with Luca Bigliardi (guitar, various), Sara Menozzi (voice), Giulia Pedroni (voice), Luca Piccinini (guitar, keyboards), Andrea Bagnacani (video).

Yue - official web page
Yue on Soundcloud (free download)
Yue on Jamendo (free download)
Some of our music:

Solo works

Some stuff I released in my name only, often with Giulia Pedroni (voice) but also with Alice Borciani, Luca Piccinini and others.

Daniele Torelli on Soundcloud
Daniele Torelli on Jamendo
Here is an album I did, dedicated to car racing!

My free setup!

Since 2007 all my music is recorded and produced using free software only, on a GNU/Linux operating system. Normally I work on Debian. Here are the wonderful free softwares and plugins I generally use:
  • Jack Audio Connection Kit
    Invada Plugins


Sometimes I also do DJ sets, mainly proposing electro-funky music subgenres ("ghetto funk", "laser funk" etc...), breakbeat, nubreaks and electro-house but also a lot of noisy rubbish when needed!
I choose free software for this purpose too, normally using Mixxx.
  • Mixxx
  • Where can I find some good free-as-in-freedom music?

    On Jamendo of course!

    Where can I find some good freshly baked electro music?

    On Free Breaks Blog!
    Free Breaks Blog