I work mainly in two fields: professional audio and software development, often audio-related.

I have experience in designing public address / voice alarm audio systems (EN-60849/EN-54) for sport venues, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, train/metro stations and public spaces in general. I can also do system design and acoustical CAD simulations for theaters, houses of worship, auditorium and multimedia rooms. I have done these activities with RCF S.p.a. since 2007.

I have developed software in Python, Go, C, C++, C#, VB.Net for GNU/Linux, Windows, Windows CE platforms. The software I wrote includes applications for remote control and monitoring of embedded systems, realtime signal processing, audio over IP applications. I have experience in administering a GNU/Linux system.

Some things I'm happy to work (and play) with:

Audio Systems Design

Some of my works:
  • Bangor Aurora Aquatic/Leisure Complex

    A large sports center with olympic size swimming pool, football and rugby outdoor pitches and indoor gyms.

  • Dubai International Airport - Terminal 2

    Paging system for the airport, voice alarm/evacuation system with monitoring, interfacing with fire station and building automation server.

  • Imam Reza Shrine

    Outdoor public address system for the largest Shia Mosque (400x180m) in the world.

  • Ravenhill Rugby Stadium

    Public address and voice alarm system for the home of Ulster Rugby

Software (and occasionally Hardware) Development

Some of my works:
  • Firmware for networking and BMS interface for multi-building Public Address systems

    Development of a networking software for Linux/ARM platform for the interconnection of Public Address / Voice Alarm multi-master systems for large installations, with BMS interface for remote monitoring.

  • System for the treatment of patients with field of view impairments via audio-visual stimulation.

    The system is composed of a microcontroller-based switching board for audio and lights, equipped with a remote control multiplatform PC GUI used for configuration and monitoring of the patient's reactions. The system has been successfully used in the treatment of patients with post-traumatic hemianopsia.

  • Configuration GUI for Public Address / Voice Alarm audio systems.

    The software is a GUI application for Windows systems, used for the remote configuration via Ethernet of Public Address / Voice Alarm EN-54 compliant audio systems.

  • Realtime audio processing software with GUI control for Wave Field Synthesis.

    The software is used to control the "Sonic Chandelier" located in the Casa del Suono museum (Parma, Italy), a research project aiming at 2D spatialization with WFS.

  • Istanbul Metro - Control and monitoring software for the audio systems.

    Setup of two control workstations equipped with custom software and GUI for announcements, recording/reproduction of messages and remote monitoring for the local audio systems of 16 metro stations, part of the Istanbul network.

  • Configuration and data plot software for sound level meter.

    GUI for PC and mobile devices for remote control of a sound level meter / data logger for acoustical and vibration measures.

Some of my customers

RCF S.p.a.
Louder S.r.l.
Mancini Enterprise Group
ALTA Lab s.r.l.

Contact me!

  • I am available for jobs in consulting, system design and software development from remote, and I'm open to travel a bit. If you have a project in which I can be useful, just contact me!